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Best KL Escort Directory serving the cheongster community in Malaysia for more than 7 years. Our aim is to become the escort bible for your needs. We are constantly improving our platform to provide you the best experience. Please make sure you stay tune while we are in the process of becoming the best KL escort directory in Malaysia.

Why are we here? eventually will be your ultimate KL escort directory for all your hunting and cheong needs. We will roll out more feature for example comment, rating, voting and more to make sure you get the best deal. Our aim is to give you money for value information. Read more…

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For those who like to advertise in out platform, please contact us, as we are still working on our adverting platform, cost of running a good if not cheap adverting is the only source of income. We will delivery the best result for you as we are the best KL escort directory in Malaysia. Read More…