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Who Are We/ 关于我们

Hey all cheongsters if you are reading this, you must have notice that we have just relaunched our Escort platform, not just any site but the best KL escort site in town. We are now the centralized escort advertising distribution platform gathering ever single one of the girl out there to provide you the most holistic escort directory you will ever get. There will be more products on the way, please stay tuned, at the same time please share this site with your BROTHERS, sharing is caring!

各位brothers 假如您正在阅读,您一定会发现我们的网站已经升级了,我们已经把平台升级为一个全面,集中,有效的escort分享平台。这分享平台将会不停的增加产品的种类以及多元化。我们肯定会是您最集中最全面的escort分享平台。您肯定会在这找到最完美的邂逅。请不要吝啬,赶快分享给您身边的兄弟,朋友们。

Escort Services in KL / 在吉隆坡的服务

Escort spa 88 Malaysia’s escorts service clients Malaysia-wide, outcalls. Escorts will be delivered to any location in Central Kuala Lumpur, e.g. the Klang Valley, Bukit Bintang, Cheras, Damansara, Petaling Jaya, etc. Escort spa 88 是马来西亚escort 服务是客户端马来西亚,上门。我们将送到任何位置在吉隆坡市区内,例如:Klang Valley,Bukit Bintang,Cheras,Damansara,Petaling jaya 等等。 We are dedicated to first-class service, ensuring customer satisfaction. More importantly, to improve your experience with us, we guarantee your privacy, so you can enjoy our massage and escort services without worry. 我们致力于以一流的服务,确保客户的满意度。更重要的是,改善您的体验与我们联系,我们保证您的个人隐私,所以你可以享受你的按摩和护送服务,以便无后顾之忧。 With Escort spa 88, your experience is certainly unforgettable. No rush, devoted attention, relaxing, hygienic, and satisfying. 跟我们Escort spa 88,您的经验无疑是难忘的。不急于,投入注意力,放松身心,卫生,和满足。 Looking for romance? Looking for excitement? Looking for Sophistication? /寻找浪漫?寻找刺激?寻找精致? At Escort spa 88, we make your dreams reality./ 就在我们的Escort spa 88,我们将让您的美梦成真。